Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit

Dual credit programs are intended to assist secondary school students in completing their OSSD and making a successful transition to college and/or apprenticeship programs. The program is designed to assist in creating a seamless transition for students from secondary school to college while clarifying a student’s post-secondary or career aspirations.

The Dual Credit program is not an entitlement. Students must apply and be accepted into the program based on criteria for three groups of students (Primary target group, SHSM, OYAP). This is a unique opportunity for those accepted to obtain post-secondary experience at our local colleges. The Dual Credit program allows secondary students the opportunity to receive both secondary and college credits at the same time. The program has many benefits: sample college culture, experience college course expectations, tuition free college course with textbooks and transportation provided for college attendance.

Students may count a maximum of four optional credits towards the OSSD earned through approved college-delivered dual credit programs, if they are not also claiming credit for external (music) credentials. The number of optional credits that can be earned through team-taught dual credit courses is not restricted.

Who Are They For?

Students who may need learning opportunities outside of high school and who would benefit from a college or apprenticeship experience to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

How Will They Help?

Dual Credit Programs can help students move from high school to college and apprenticeship programs. They can help students complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma while customizing their learning with exposure to the college environment.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Earn high school credits while studying at a local college or taking apprenticeship training
  • Gain experience to transition to postsecondary education or apprenticeship
  • Get a head start on learning and training for their future careers.

The number of students in Dual Credit programs has grown from 2,865 in 2007-08 to 22,400 approved placements for the 2015-16 school year.