How Parents Can Help

Students are more successful when parents take an active role in their education.

What Can You Do?

  • Attend parent information session
  • Learn about courses offered and diploma requirements
  • Encourage your teen to engage in the process of exploring career and education and training opportunities
  • Review your teen’s Annual Education Plan regularly
  • Talk to your teen about the work you and other family members do
  • Help your teen expand their list of possibilities
  • Find out about costs and financial assistance for post secondary education and training
  • Encourage the development of a Plan “A” and a Plan “B”
  • Maintain contact with your teen’s teachers and guidance counsellor
  • Support your teen in their decision-making
  • Find out about ways to get involved in your teen’s school such as joining the school council or volunteering to take part in career days
  • Have fun in the process!

The Benefits of Parental Involvement

  • You get to know the teaching staff and administrative team
  • You become comfortable communicating with the teachers and administrators
  • You get to know your child’s friends and classmates