Questions from Employers

Are students provided with Workplace Safety Insurance Coverage?

Yes. The Ministry of Education covers the student under Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) during the work placement. This coverage is documented in the form of a Work Education Agreement (WEA), which is signed by the employer, the student, the parent and the teacher prior to the student commencing work. If the student is PAID, the employer provides the WSIB protection.

Am I obligated to accept the student(s) after the Co-op interview process?

No. The final choice is ultimately up to the employer. The student must fit the employer’s criteria as a potential employee. The employer is under no obligation to accept the student after the interview if the student proves unsatisfactory.

As an employer, how do I choose the employee to train the student?

Selection is dependent upon your knowledge of your employees, and who would best suit the training role. The employer is also expected to interview the candidates and select the student that best meets the needs of the company. The Cooperative Education teacher could assist you with these decisions.

Should the student be performing actual job functions at my place of employment?

Yes. The student is there to learn all of the competencies necessary to meet the skills requirements of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development for that particular apprenticeship. As the student becomes more proficient, it is expected that the level of responsibility will also increase. The student’s participation will be limited only by legal regulations and safety precautions as judged by the employer.

How are conflicts handled?

If a poor attitude or negative behaviour is evident, please inform the Cooperative Education teacher as early as possible. All attempts to correct the situation will be made. If this is unsuccessful, the placement may have to be terminated. If there is an inability to learn or perform the tasks required, please contact the Cooperative Education teacher.