Supporting Your Teens Decision

You can support your teen’s decision by:

  • Honouring your teen’s decision. Making a decision about a destination takes courage and strength. Encourage your teen to keep many options open. Lifelong learning means we will all continue to learn and grow;
  • Encouraging your son/daughter to research careers in order to gain valuable information about specific job sectors and job market opportunities;
  • Helping your teen to develop and recognize the skills for work, such as a positive attitude, task completion, teamwork, and meeting deadlines;
  • Providing information on managing time and money;
  • Introducing your teen to people you know who work in fields that interest your child. This could lead to a mentorship;
  • Encouraging your teen to identify teachers, coaches and part-time employers who can write letters of recommendation for your teen;
  • Encouraging you teen to have a back-up plan;
  • Reminding your teen that career planning takes time and effort; time to research, time to discuss with others, and time to complete the high school diploma. Career exploration is a process, not a deadline.

Choosing to participate in OYAP is a great way for your teen to discover more about his/her interests, abilities and aptitudes