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Automobiles, wood products, petroleum and coal products, iron and steel mills, primary metals and fabricated metal products, electricity, plastics and rubber products, printing, biotechnology, textiles, clothing, and leather products are all aspects of the manufacturing sector. In Ontario, the manufacturing sector still accounts for the greatest number of jobs with its production of consumer and industrial goods that are essential for the province’s prosperity. Although the manufacturing sector remains a powerhouse in our economy, contributing 15 per cent of gross domestic product in 2007, the sector is undergoing fundamental change.

The manufacturing industry is committed to addressing skills development, labour market, and human resource issues across the various sectors within Canadian manufacturing. This will provide new employment opportunities for students choosing to pursue a career in this sector.

Apprenticeship Training College
Arborist Agriculture Operator & Manager
Biological Technologist or Biological
Conservation Officer or Fishery Officer
Environmental Technician
Field Technician – Air Pollution
Forest Ecologist
Forestry Technologist/Technician
Geological & Mineral Technologist/Technician
Habitat Management Technician
Hatchery or Fisheries Technician
Mapping & Related Technologist/Technician
Quality Control – Chemical Engineering
Silviculture & Forestry Workers
Soil Testing Technologist
Technician – Pollution Control
University Workplace
Air Quality Meteorologist Canoeing Guide
Chemical Engineer Fishing Guide
Climatologist Hunting Guide
Environmental & Occupational Toxicologist Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Workers
Environmental Biologist Outdoor Sport &amp Recreation Guide
Environmental Engineer Recreation Program Leader
Environmental Impact Analyst Recycled Paper Handler
Environmental Planner Silviculture & Forestry Workers
Environmental Program Coordinator Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Forestry Professional
Geological Engineer
Geologist & Geochemist
Interpretive Naturalist
Landscape Architects
Urban & Land Use Planners
Waste Diversion Consultant

Did You Know

There are approximately 682,000 environmental professionals within major industry groups across Canada.

- Environmental Careers Organization Canada, 2010
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