“At its core, cooperative education immerses students in “an experience”. The student is an active participant, not merely an observer. 

Before engaging in that experience, students are encouraged to draw upon their prior learning and life experiences to begin to understand the new context, making connections with what they already know. They then begin to think about, or reflect on, the cooperative education experience to derive meaning from it and to identify what they have learned (reflection occurs both during and after the experience). Finally, students apply their learning by using the newly acquired skills and/or knowledge to inform current and future decisions and actions. It is through the application of a structured reflective process that students develop new skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking or habits of mind” (Ministry of Education, 2018)

At AMDSB, we work to ensure students have rich learning opportunities in Cooperative Education in order to explore the possibilities on the future. We appreciate our community co-op placements and supervisors who work with the schools and students in order to provide those opportunities for our students. Below are a few examples of the many ways our Secondary Students are thriving in their chosen field!