Experiential learning is an inquiry-based, pedagogical approach that provides students an opportunity to be a part of developing their learning by participating, reflecting and applying that learning as a way to deepen their learning and education. The experience can involve local, national, or global communities. It can also be on-site, digitally or a combination of both.

In experiential learning, the student is at the core of the learning. This cycle assists students in developing the habits of reflecting, working critically and collaboratively in a way that encourages a growth mindset.  

Experiential Learning is meant to be a process and not a single event. The reflection and application part of the cycle can occur before, during and or after participation. 

Some forms of the participation part of experiential learning that occur within AMDSB are: 

  • Cooperative Education
  • Work Experience
  • Field Trip
  • Field Study
  • Mentorship
  • Work Shop
  • Job Shadow
  • Job Twin
  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
  • Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM)
  • School College Work Initiative (SCWI-DC)
  • Conference