SHSM Credits

Bundled Credits

Each SHSM requires completion of a bundle of eight to ten Grade 11 and Grade 12 credits. The bundle consists of:

  • 4 major credits
  • 2 or 3 supporting credits in English, mathematics, business, Canadian and world studies and/or science where your learning will be connected to your chosen employment sector.two to four other required credits
  • 2 required cooperative education credits

The credits in the bundle provide students with knowledge and skills particular to, and valued by, the SHSM sector. Therefore, the required credits for each SHSM will vary, depending on:

  • the specific sector of each SHSM program;
  • the student’s chosen pathway to one of four post-secondary options – apprenticeship training, college, university, or the workplace – within each SHSM.

Major Credits

Each SHSM includes four major credits, with at least 1 Grade 11 and one Grade 12 course in the total of 4. The major credits enable students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before they enter a postsecondary destination.

Major credits are specific to the destination and may be:

  • Ontario curriculum credits;
  • ministry-approved locally developed credits (LDCs);
  • ministry-approved credits for learning acquired outside the Ontario curriculum, such as dual credits.

1 of the 4 major credits may be a cooperative education credit related to the sector. (This credit would be additional to the two required cooperative education credits in the bundle.)

Bundle of Grade 11 & 12 Arts & Culture Example

Arts & Culture Bundled Credits & Courses
Apprenticeship College University Workplace
Gr.11 Gr.12 Gr.11 Gr.12 Gr.11 Gr.12 Gr.11 Gr.12
Arts & Culture Major (may include maximum of 1 Cooperative Education credit) 4 cr. 4 cr. 4 cr. 4 cr.
English 1 cr. 1 cr. 1 cr. 1 cr.
Business Studies or Canadian & World Studies or Additional Cooperative Education Credit 1 cr. 1 cr. 1 cr. 1 cr.
Cooperative Education 2 cr. 2 cr. 2 cr. 2 cr.
Total Number of Credits 8 cr. 8 cr. 8 cr. 8 cr.

Complete a minimum of one assignment (~ 6-10 hrs. of work) geared towards health and wellness in each of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, and a choice of social sciences and humanities or science.

Did You Know - SHSM graduates earn a red seal on their diploma indicating that they have developed specialized skills and focused their studies on their "major" within a particular sector